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What movie should you not watch with your children? 你不会让你的孩子看什么电影?

1楼2017-06-07 13:31
    Borat (2006)

    Borat is a mockumentary following Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) as he leaves his fictitious home of Kazakh to travel through the United States and interview Americans. In fact, much of the movie is unscripted interviews with Americans who actually believe Cohen is Borat. A critical success, the film was praised for its satire and humor, even earning Cohen a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination.
    However, designed to shock, the film will spark all manner of uncomfortable conversations regarding sexism, prejudice, politics, and more. And while you might be fine with having those conversations with your children, you will also have to endure a scene where two naked grown men fight over pictures of Pamela Anderson. Equally awkward to watch with the child or parents is Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno –which features a multi-second scene of nothing more than a penis swinging in circles.
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    波拉特(Borat)是萨拉·巴伦·科恩(Sacha Baron Cohen)后来的一个模拟人物,他离开他的虚拟的哈萨克家庭,去到美国去访问美国人。事实上,这部电影的大部分内容都是与实际上相信科恩(电影导演)自己就是是波拉特的美国人的采访。这个电影取得了关键的成功,这部电影被讽刺和幽默称赞,甚至赢得了柯恩最佳改编剧本奥斯卡提名。然而,为了震撼,这部电影将会引发关于性别歧视,偏见,政治等方面的各种不安的对话。尽管与孩子交流对话可能会很好,但您也必须忍受两个裸体男子与帕米拉·安德森的照片相撞的场景。与孩子或父母同样尴尬的是Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno——其中的一个多秒的场景,只是一个阴茎摆动的圈子。谢谢阅读

    2楼2017-06-07 13:36
      Ok, please don't judge my parents once you read my answer. I'm sure they didn't do this intentionally.
      I'm pretty sure I was no older than 8 years old. I remember going to the cinema with my parents. I didn't know the concept of a cinema because we didn't go so much then. But I vividly remember what I saw.

      Stigmata (1999)
      I don’t remember the plot, but I remember watching horrible scenes like someone being nailed on the cross on a ceiling, a scene at a train platform (which turns out to be a subway when I read the IMDB synopsis), and other horrible scenes with blood and people screaming.
      I had no idea what I watched, but those images kept appearing, and it won't go away until now (25 y/o). The horror haunted me longer than I’d want it to be. I only figured out that it was Stigmata when Google’s search engine was good enough to come up with a result when you type: ‘a horror movie with people nailed on the ceiling’.
      I still question it till today, why on earth did my parents think it was a good idea to bring along their 8 y/o kid to a movie… about a woman… getting wounds like Jesus did.
      This movie scarred me for life. NEVER watch this movie with your children. Never.




      4楼2017-06-07 13:50
        The Impossible (2012 film) - Wikipedia
        It is about a family who goes on a trip to Thailand for Christmas, only to be separated by a tremendous tsunami.
        Yes, sure, this movie is about the real life experience of María Belón during the horrific 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. It is a heartwarming story, and it teaches us a lot of things. It has a nice message.
        But this doesn't mean you can watch it with your children. The tsunami scene (and most other scenes to be frank) was intensely frightening, and it has greatly disturbed me.
        We watched this movie in class, and I still remember every detail of it. It has disturbed me—a 14 years-old kid—and it will surely disturb your younger children.
        (There are other movies that you should not watch with your children, but I believe that these are rather obvious. This movie, particularly, doesn't seem like a bad choice.)

        我们是在上课时看的这部电影,我还记得它的每一个细节。它让我这个14岁的娃限于困扰 - 所以特么你的娃我估计也受不了。

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