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A big eye 14 years old girl in silver Chinese Hanfu has exquisite, firm eyes, a sword, Eye close-u, summarise bold strokes, epic ink-curved shot, headshot close-up, wild and chic brushwork, the best picture quality, and details, blink-and-you-miss-it detail, color pencil hand-painted sty;e, light and shadow, strong color contrast, transparent/translucent medium, realist detail, in the style of Miho Hirano, realist detail, benedick bana, Cecilia beaux, distinct facial features, 32k UHD, genderless, --ar 16:9

ethereal, fairytale, female model with long flowing blonde curly hair wearing sheer white dress with no shoes in a transparent glass box filled with branches of leaves and pastel colorful florals, colorful bokeh, bright sunlight, serene scene, photography by tim walker, fashion editorial, accent lighting, cinematic, photorealistic, long shot, full-body, feet, highly detailed, highly intricate, shimmering lights, particle lights, sharp focus, HD 8K DSLR, sharp focus, depth of field --ar 2:3 --s 750

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      super cute girl IP by pop mart, holding animal,green leaves in the background, light rain, pond,In the forest, there are animals and plants, pastel color, mockup,blind box toy, fine luster, clean background, 3D render, oc render, best quality, 4k, ultra detoiled, —ar 3:4 —niji 5

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        oncept art, T pose, reference sheet, Blind Box Style Girl character, full body, chibi, Three views of the super idol star girl's character, POP Mart, Blind Box, Whole body, blue hair, ultra-high definition, 3D cartoon, blender, oc rendering, surreal, glistening highlights, star, Luxurious, shine, Noble, luxurious, Unique Gorgeous,trending on pixiv concept art, cinematic lighting, CG concept, detailed 8k --ar 3:2 --s 500 --niji 5 --style cute

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          The neon effect of the laser shines on the hair,a beautiful girl,look to the right ,sailor moon style,Laser glass crystal texture hair,wearing laser transparent pvc texture clothing,prism,melancholy expression,beautiful eyes,brilliance,jewelry,portrait,game original painting,anime character concept design,beautiful face ,cyberpunk light,sacred,long transparent iridescent GB hair , reflections transparent iridescent colors on her hair,highly detailed, gorgeous and sacred,beautiful light on black background --ar 3:4

          IP属地:广东6楼2023-06-01 01:17
            cartoon girl swimming in the water, in the style of yanjun cheng, realistic detailing, delicate portraits, romantic manga, shiny/glossy, detailed facial features, anton mauve --ar 58:77 --niji

            IP属地:广东7楼2023-06-01 22:17
              A beautiful girl sits inside a car enveloped by a sea of flowers, her gaze gleaming with wonder, and enhanced by the use of cartoon-like effects that lend a gentle and flowing ambiance. Inspired by the works of artist Christopher Paolini. --ar 3:4 --q 2 --v 5.1 --style raw

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                By kuvshinov llya,amazing epic chinese ancient theme,water&ink style,Fantasy style,martial artsstyle,Temple,chinese dragon,chinese fairytale,highly detailed,dynamic,expressive,clean linescinematic,stunning,realistic lighting and shading,vivid,vibrant,8k,octane render,unreal engine,very detailed,concept art,realistic,Cry engine v 5 --s 250

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                  mechsuit, icher face, more natural action, half-body scene, guard vanguard, Tracer, Disney Princess, lovely cartoon girl, 3D, light background, Octane, C4D, IP character, Blender, bright color, HD,super detailed

                  IP属地:广东10楼2023-06-02 22:14
                    A super cute little girl falls into a vortex through time and space, calling out loudly, opening her mouth wide, thrilling feeling, fantastic colors, ultra high definition,by the work of Salvador Dali,bird's eye view, Disney Pixar style, chibi --ar 3:4 --q 2

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                      cute chinese girl in hanfu, 3D rendering, dramatic, intricate details, ultra realistic --niji 5 --style expressive --s 180

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                        a beautiful young woman leaning on a window for a selfie, in the style of light orange and light gold, kawaii aesthetic, floral accents, eye-catching resin jewelry, dark brown and light brown, romanticized femininity, traditional vietnamese--ar2:3

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                          IP属地:河北来自iPhone客户端14楼2023-06-03 22:29
                            Girl in Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing, Hanfu, Disney style, colorful chaos, super detail, beautiful face, bright eyes --q 2 --niji 5

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                              white cat seating on the crystal sheets,in the style of anime-inspired characters,exquisite details, meticulous design, i can't believe how beautiful this is,prismatic portraits, official art, shiny eyes

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